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Dental Membership Plan - Kleer Has Got You Covered!

People avoid the dentist for many reasons. Some don't’ go for fear of discomfort or pain. But others have more fear about the financial damage that a trip to the dentist could do. Especially if you don’t have great dental or health insurance, it can feel overwhelming to take a look at the prices of good necessary oral care. That’s why at Northside Dental, we have a dental membership plan.

What is a Dental Membership?

A dental membership is a great way of eliminating the complicated financial side of dental care. Instead of paying full price for all preventative measures and treatments that you may need you can pay a set monthly fee and enjoy the many benefits.

What Are the Benefits?

Some of these benefits include discounted dental procedure pricing, freedom from deductibles, and more transparency when it comes to pricing. There are many different kinds of customizable plans that can be created based on your specific wants and needs. Everything is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Forget the complexities and confusions of the past, the future is all about dental memberships.

Kleer Dental Membership Plans

At Northside Dental, we use Kleer to help set up your dental membership plan. This will allow us to help you set up an account in 2 minutes or less and it’s very secure and safe. With the Kleer website you can manage your dental plan and view your dental care history anywhere you have a laptop or smartphone. This kind of dental membership is simple, quick, and easy to manage and understand.

If you’re looking to simplify your life, better care for your oral health, and save money, give us a call today and let us tell you more about how a dental membership plan could benefit you and your family.

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