CEREC Crowns

Northside Dental Group stays current with the latest and greatest dental techniques and technology as it becomes available. Our main objective is to provide the best dental care possible using modern technologies. Modern dental technology has made it possible to diagnose patients more accurately, create more thorough treatment plans, and heal patients more quickly. One example of how we offer cutting-edge dental technology is our CEREC dental crowns. If you are looking for Clinton MS dental CEREC crowns, come to Northside Dental Group. 

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What Are CEREC Crowns?

If you have been annoyed in the past with the process of placing a crown over a damaged tooth, you will be pleasantly surprised with CEREC. CEREC has changed the procedure to a one to two-hour treatment. No kidding! Forget all the trips to the dentist to have a crown restoration. In just one short visit, you can have a perfectly fitting, fully-functioning, beautifully matched crown!


How Are CEREC Crowns Different From Traditional Crowns?

Crowns made traditionally can take two to three weeks. The standard procedure entails taking thorough impressions, creating a mold, sending it to a lab for crown creation, waiting for the crown to be finished, and then attaching it to the tooth in a separate appointment. 

While they wait, patients need to wear temporary crowns, which may cause them more difficulty. The temporary crown is not meant to be permanent, so it sometimes comes loose before the final crown is ready. And because traditional crowns require extra time and labor, they can be more expensive than CEREC Crowns. 

But with CEREC crowns, your tooth prep and your crown placement can all be finished in a single appointment! Your smile will be good as new, and you’ll be able to get on with the rest of your day in no time. 


The Process For CEREC Crowns

CEREC is a computer-aided designing and milling system that allows your permanent crown to be placed over a damaged tooth in just one visit! Temporaries are no longer necessary. We fabricate the crown right in our office while you wait. An exact image is taken with a special camera, from which Dr. David Henry or Dr. Stephen Greer designs the crown. CEREC then mills the new “tooth” in just minutes. The restoration is bonded into place – and what could be easier than that?

And your new crown will look, feel, and function just as well as a crown made the traditional way. We will carefully match it to fit perfectly within your smile, blending with the colors and shapes of your gums and teeth. Others will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between your new crown and natural teeth. 


The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Even though they involve a much faster and more convenient process, CEREC Crowns bring all the same benefits as traditional crowns. They can be used to support a dental bridge, cover a misshapen or discolored tooth, restore a tooth that is worn down, and preserve weak or damaged teeth. We frequently use crowns to cover a dental implant or prevent a weak tooth from fracturing. Additionally, they might be applied to a tooth after a procedure like a root canal to restore its aesthetics and functionality.


How to Care For Your New CEREC Crown

Caring for your CEREC crowns is easy, too – you follow the same care instructions as you would for a traditional crown:

  • To remove plaque and bacteria, brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily. Avoid using too much force when flossing, as this could harm the crown.
  • Attend routine dental cleanings and checkups. Your dentist can identify any issues with your crowns and provide solutions.
  • Prevent damaging your crown by not biting or chewing on hard foods. To safeguard your crowns, bite into any hard foods you must eat with your back teeth.

With proper care, your CEREC crowns can last for many years!


Clinton MS Dental CEREC Crowns

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